We have 4 new moose tags and 4 spring bears for hunting season 2018!

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What would be a better vacation than to spend time in a wild beautiful Canadian Wilderness, away from civilization, hunting without harming the animal? If this sounds attractive to you, planning a vacation to Molson Lake Lodge is a perfect solution.

The lodge is located in the deep Canadian Wilderness, near a wonderful lake and surrounded by forest. We provide the best hunting and fishing opportunities. You will be surprised what a fun and energetic retreat this will be for you!

Located in the heart of Manitoba, amidst the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, lies the ultimate in trophy fly fishing!
Nestled in the Pines & Poplars around Molson Lake Lodge we have guest cabins that can hold groups of 2 to 12 people.


They are all modern log cabins with:

  • Comfortable bedding
  • Hot water showers
  • Coffee machines for those chilly mornings & evenings
  • Daily maid service
  • We look after any special needs you might have.
Author: bwood